About Buddha's

The Birth of Great BBQ


The birth of Waymon “Buddha” McNeal in the late 60’s expanded the legacy of the McNeal BBQ experience. 1970-1990’s Big Neal sold his Tummy Rub’n good BBQ in Dayton, Ohio (Jefferson Twp.) with overwhelming success, maintaining quality and consistency, while carefully cultivating customer loyalty through outstanding customer service. Today Waymon “Buddha” McNeal is continuing the family tradition. I believe that my success depends on quality food and great customer service. My loyal patrons are what keeps Buddha’s BBQ thriving. Buddha’s Barbecue is committed to winning you over by one Tummy Rub’n good Rib at a time. As I continue to expand from city to city, customers are wooed by my southern smoked flavor.

Buddha’s Barbecue prides itself on quality and consistency with roots in Dayton, Ohio by way of Talladega, Alabama. With a limited menu of BBQ Ribs, Waymon “Big Neal” McNeal Sr. fired up his BBQ Pit in Hamilton, Ohio in the summer of 1950. Followed by a move to Dayton, Ohio in the 1960’s, Big Neal continued his tradition of quality, hickory-smoked meats that were sold out of a neighborhood storefront (Speedway Market, Route 4) in Jefferson Township where news of Big Neal’s signature BBQ became a staple as it spread across the entire city of Dayton. The success of Big Neal’s Tummy Rub’n Good BBQ continued to flourish in Dayton from the 1960’s through the 1990’s. During this time, Big Neal began to train his son, Waymon “Buddha” McNeal Jr., in the family business, teaching the importance of maintaining quality, consistency and great customer service. Today Waymon “Buddha” McNeal Jr. is continuing the family tradition. “Buddha’s BBQ” continues to thrive as it expands through various cities in Wisconsin. The success of the company comes from the patronage of loyal customers. “I believe that Buddha’s BBQ will continue to woo customers as long as we continue to serve great quality meats, offer excellent customer service and continue to win you over one Tummy Rub’n Good experience at a time.” Buddha’s BBQ serves up Pork Ribs, Rib Tips, Pulled Pork, Mississippi Steak (thick slice of Smoked Bologna), Smoked Chicken, with the best homemade sides’ of Baked Beans and ColeSlaw. Enjoy and God bless!